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[IP] dear?

>Who do u think you are!!!!!  I have been a diabetic since 94 
> and i very rarely get low blood sugars, and i never have a 
> problem driving, so not every diabetic is the same dear!!!!

Sorry if you took my post too personally.  I guess I just have the ability to 
really touch something off in some people...I am no one, and certainly not a 
"dear."  LOL just ask one of the at least 12 IP members who have met me in 

I am merely an old, jaded diabetic with more experience than I care to 
have....only had it 26 years, unlike some on the list with decades more 
experience...only pumping since, oh 1993...a year before your diagnosis, ya 
lucky dog!!!  bet you never had to use clinitest tablets did ya?? 

And while I have never personally had a problem driving (cuz when I DID 
drive, I always tested prior and during, and always had dex tabs and/or juice 
in the car), I can only assume from the way the thread has gone that NOT 
everyone does that....I hope you know that I would never ever assume any 
diabetic, or any other person, for that matter was the same - thank GOD.  

I wish you continued avoidance of low blood sugars and a life time of being 
able to recognize them, despite the high probability of losing that ability 
when you maintain a really tight range for your target (not my 
assumptions...just facts)

*-)=B xoxx~~~~~[507]
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