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Re: [IP] Single Diabetic mothers

Hi Sheila!
I am not currently but it was not so long ago that I was on my own with 4 
children ages 9mnths. to 13 years. My 13 yr. old is ADD. I had more than one 
neighbour aware of my condition and 'trained' to deal with lows. My 3 older 
children, ages 13, 9 and 5 were taught how to deal with my low bgs and at 
what point to call for help. We had emergency phone #s programmed on our 
phone (including 911) so that the children just had to press a button. For 
the 911 number we drew a little ambulance beside it.
We also had a couple of brightly coloured insulated lunch bags filled with 
juice boxes, granola bars, candy and insta-glucose. The children knew not to 
give me any of these if I was not concious but to call 911. We kept one in 
the kitchen and one in my bedroom. Also in these bags was any emergency 
information. Do you have the Emergency Room letter appropriate to give to 
ambulance people or ER nurses and Dr.s? That would be perfect. Also. I keep 
an updated list of my basals with this letter at all times. You also may 
want to mention on another peice of paper with the letter who to contact to 
care for your children if you need to be taken to the hospital.
We also made sure that there was a phone in the bedroom at all times. 
Someone would call every morning to check on me.
My children saved my life on more than one occasion during those two years. 
When it came time to act they were prepared and either dealt with it 
themselves or ran to or called a neighbour or called an ambulance. It was 
the most tumultuous time of my life and very stressful because of all the 
other stuff going on.
Hopefully none of these situations will happen but as long as you and your 
children and those close to you are prepared then everything should run 
smoothly. Thankfully since I have started on the pump, I have not had the 
severe reactions that I had while on MDI at night time.

>From: email @ redacted
>I was wondering if there were any single diabetic mothers on the list?
>I ask this because I will soon be finding myself alone with my children
>for longer stretches of time. I was just looking for any tips anyone else 
>might have to make it a bit easier on me.
>My oldest, who is 6, is mildly autistic with ADHD on top of that, and
>then the younger two are both in their terrible twos right now (28mos.
>&16 mos).   I'm a stay at home mom.
>Anyone that lives alone that can help me would be great.

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