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[IP] Endo exams

I was heartened to see that some members have actually been examined by
their endos. I wish that I could report thed same but my endo in
Philadelphia has never touched me besides shaking my hand. Nor have any of
his fellows. He had a medical student who did examine me once but the endo
never followed up on the exam. Does any list member know a decent endo in
the Philadelphia area who does their job. When I went to school we were
taught to look and touch all that we could. My endo practices at the same
facility that my medical school is part of. My wife said it was my fault
because I didn't strip and lay down on his examining table. He didn't even
look at my feet or palpate my thyroid. My old Endo in NJ was fabulous. She
looked at everything, listened to my chest and drew the blood herself. My
wife said it was because she was a woman. No wonder docs get a bad rep.

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