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Re: [IP] EMT'S and Insulin Pumps " Long But Please Read"

Hi Everyone    When I began pump training in September of 99.  My CDE
informed me that she would be holding a conference in my area to educate the
local  EMT'S,  FIRE DEPT., POLICE, Ect. on what to do when they respond to
an emergency and find a person is wearing an INSULIN PUMP.     I guess what
this all boils down to is who should bear the responsibility, Who should
give the training , And who should call the shots in this type of
situation!!    Well on March 4, of this year I had such an emergency.   I
had taken My Parents to do some errands on a saturday morning , I picked
them up at 9:00 am,  What was supposed to take only an hour or so turned out
to be a hole morning affair, I had not brought my BG meter and had just
brought one juicy juice in case I had a hypo,  At 12:15pm we got back to
their house.  Just as I got out of the car I started feeling faint and drank
down the juicy juice knowing I was having a bad hypo.  After a few minutes I
made it into their house,  AND THATS ALL I REMEMBER I PASSED OUT COLD   My
mother had called 911.  I woke up for a few minutes and was having some
bad chest pain and when the EMT,S revived me My BG was at 31 after they had
given me some glucogan.and after one Juicy Juice that I drank earlier.    I
ask the EMT if he had
touched my pump and he said he had checked it to see what my basil rate was
.  It was .08 Units per hour at that time.  I than asked him if he had
suspended my pump and he said NO  At .08 Units per hour I dont find it
necessary unless you want to.   Because were only 2 minutes from the
hospital.   I
said NO !!    When I got to the hospital none of the ER staff wanted to
touch my pump Either,  They tested my BG it was 78 and they felt that I
could make My own decisions regarding my pump!!     Three hours later I was
Discharged!!     I learned several lessons  from this experience!!

1) NEVER leave you home without your meter!  "  You could be gone longer
than you think"

2) NEVER Push  your lows "  When your low treat it Early"    DONT  PUSH IT

3) Always carry extra supplies for hypo's

4) Never let anyone control your pump!!     " Unless they have been trained"

Thank  you   C J Jutras

Aim   dubjut 156

Yahoo dubjut156

ICQ# 71340604


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