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[IP] Re: MiniMed or Disetronic or what other?

When someone tells me that one is no good, I just take it that they don't 
know what they are talking about?  We should all be just glad that there is a 
choice?  The only reason that I did not go with MiniMed was my health care 
professional, and my Dr. wanted me to go with the other one?  Also I did not 
like the list of things that MiniMed sent telling all that was bad about 
Disetronic?  I Never had Disetronic say any thing bad about MiniMed?  
They are all good, and we should be glad they are there for us?  I wish this 
bad mouthing about any of them would stop. It could turn someone off, that 
was going to go to pumping?  I am sure they will all improve over the years?  
Disetronic has been out there a long time.  Maybe longer then others, but it 
was over seas?  It seems like every thing is out over there before it gets 
here?  Lets just thank God they are out, and encourage others to get one or 
the other?  I am sure there Dr. knows what one is best for them?  Take Care, 
and have a good day.
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