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Re: [IP] Pump vacations

Actually, I do take mini-vacations from my pump.  Right now I have it off,
in fact.  I just took it off yesterday and plan to put a new site in this
afternoon.  Every once in  a while I get sick of "where do I put it, my site
is itching, my tubing just got caught on the doorknob, the QR is hurting my
boyfriend again while having sex, my tape is coming off," etc.  And then I
see the ugly little red spot and irritated patch of skin when I take it off
and just don't feel like putting it back on.  Almost always by the next day
I am sick of shots and yoyo sugars so I put a new site in.  I guess it's a
choice of the better of 2 evils.  A real vacation to me is no manual
insulin, period.  I wish for just one day I could be normal and take a day
off from all of it, not just deciding whether to put the pump back on or do


>I went to a pump introduction put on by my endo's office last January.  One
>of the questions from the audience was about taking a "vacation from the
>pump".  Huh?  Has anyone felt the need to take a vacation from their pump?

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