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[IP] frustrated with site absorption

Hello, I've been pumping for about 8 months and right now I'm feeling
frustrated with how things are going.  My bgs have been off for some
time now and I've been calling the clinical team at Minimed regularly.
The latest theory is that my site (upper abdomen) is losing its capacity
for absorption after being used for the full 8 months. So I tried the
lower abdomen, but I have hypertrophy there from past injections.  I
suspect that is why I'm not seeing any improvement in my insulin
absorption there.  Sigh........
So, I guess I'm going to have to try my hip and buttocks area. I feel
resentful though that perfection seems so out of reach.  I keep thinking
I've got all the kinks worked out and then some other wild card shows
up.  Its very hard when I feel like I'm following all the rules,
counting carbs, etc and still not having success.  You must all feel
that way sometimes.
 I just searched the archives re: alternative site locations and you are
all so brave and reassuring about your experience.  I have some
resistance to trying  something new.  I remember my first site
insertion, complete with tears, fears and thank goodness for my
supportive partner and the MM video which we rewound countless times.
Anyways, here I go.  Got to give it a try.  Thanks so much for your
encouragement.  You are all so courageous.  email @ redacted
PS:  Anyone have problems with the hip and butt areas with athletics.  I
do a martial art and we fall and roll alot.  Will the cannula be
disturbed.  I use a MM507C and just recently switched to silouettes as
part of my site absorption strategy.

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