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[IP] Pump vacations

I've read with interest the threads on the beach and summer heat.  I begin
using my pump on May 15 and it's nice to have input from experienced users
regarding vacations and summertime activities.  I can't wait to get hooked
up to Max, as Dawn put it "freedom with a tether".  That's nice.  I haven't
had much freedom in the last 37 years.

I went to a pump introduction put on by my endo's office last January.  One
of the questions from the audience was about taking a "vacation from the
pump".  Huh?  Has anyone felt the need to take a vacation from their pump?
To me, MDI is no vacation from anything.  I'm looking at the pump as being a
vacation, since I'll no longer be tied to the clock with an invisible
tether.  For me, that's a real vacation!  To have freedom for the first time
in 37 years!  That's a real vacation!  Sure, I'll have a bit of work to do
using the pump, but it won't be much more than what I've had to do with
injections.  Learning a bit of carb counting (basically the same thing I've
been doing, just a little bit different method).

Here I sit at my computer at 10:00 a.m. with by bg at 304 knowing by noon it
will probably be less than 60.  That's no vacation either!  I can't wait to
start pumping!!!!!

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, hookup date is May 15, woohoo!

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