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Re: [IP] Mini-med vs Dis. and thanks Randall!

>  but I don't particularly like people telling me
>I picked a bad pump when I picked the best one for

If you looked at all your options than obviously you chose the best pump 
for you, but better part is your getting one and I am certain you will love 
it.  And I agree, people have no right to say bad things to try to get you 
to change your mind.  That actually happended to me too.  I am glad I had 
the smarts to go with the one I did, for I am happy with and I am sure you 
will be happy with yours.  I don't have clue about the black, but I would 
think if you didn't keep it in direct sun light you would be ok.  Congrats 
and Happy Pumping when you get it.


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