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[IP] Mini-med vs Dis. and thanks Randall!

Thank you Randall.  I feel the same way.  The posts
have been great for knowing the pros and cons of the
pumps, but I don't particularly like people telling me
I picked a bad pump when I picked the best one for
me.  I don't have my mm pump yet, but I like reading
about the little gadgets on it I can play with.  I think a
good idea might be to help us newbie pumpers find
ways to fix the problems of each pump (like suggestions
on how to deal with dis's short battery span, which I think
I remember reading about on this list or how to deal with
static electricity and mm's).  And I know I will be ecstatic
with my pump, regardless of the brand, after being on between
3 and 6 shots a day still with yucky control.  By the way, I am
getting a black pump and I asked the rep, but if anyone else knows,
I'll welcome advice, so here's my question: Do black pumps absorb
heat more than the other colors, I mean should I not get black?
dx'd at 16 4/9/97

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