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Re: Fwd: privately[IP]historical MM-bought D webname

On 29 Apr 00, at 15:44, Sandi Pope wrote:

The forwarded message about MiniMed buying the domain naime and posting 
a phantom web site for Disetronic sounds suspiciously like misinformation... 
something like the propaganda that I heard from the D rep when one of 
them finally decided to give me a call, several months after I'd called them 
for information...   I started looking at pumps in the spring of 1997.  I used 
www.disetronics.com and www.minimed.com many times during that summer 
as I was comparing pumps.  The web sites were where I got the phone 
numbers to call and get in contact with the reps for each of the companies. 
Prior to 1999 when new regulations about domain names and trademarks 
went into full action there was no way to force anyone to surrender a 
properly registered and paid for domain name - so the "information" about 
the name being forced back to the "proper" owner doesn't quite add up 

Companies like Disetronic and MiniMed have better things to waste their 
time and money on than trying to create a fake web presence for their 
competition...  they have enough trouble keeping just one web site each 
going...  and maybe, just maybe when MiniMed's site went down in 1998 it 
was because someone at D hacked into it and crashed the server?  That 
"information" is about as reality based as what we're seeing presented...  
Both companies have had trouble with their web sites, both have had error 
messages returned to people trying to access their sites, and both have had 
strange things happen to their web sites - just like many other sites have 
been affected in the past few years due to bandwidth limitations, poor 
design or failing hardware...

Given the fact that their prices always seem to be within a few dollars of 
each other it seems that the only real issue is between a few mean sprited 
reps with each company...  both are decently built and engineered pumps, 
even though the D looks kind of unreliable because it comes with a hot spare 
and is programmed to die after two years<G>...  Both work well, have a good 
track record and even the worst of them is better than the "six shots a day 
and you're OK" deal that many of us were being killed by...

In almost three years on a MM506 I've not had any occlusions, blockages 
or no delivery alarms.  I've caught my tubing on doorknobs, had kids pull on 
it and had it cut by getting caught in door catches...  but even with a basal 
rate of 0.0 for several hours a day for a while last winter I had no 
problems...  Many D users have the same type of track record.  It doesn't 
really matter which pump you use, except for some "evangelist" types who 
seem to want to validate their own decision as "good" by belittling those 
who decided on the other brand of pump... Kind of like some people I know 
who drive Fords <G>...  And when it boils down to the final question, many of 
us picked our pumps for aesthetic reasons - I just liked the looks of the 
translucent MM506 because it didn't look like a medical device, and the D 
pump looked too much like a piece of hospital equipment... 

The thing to remember is that with the new companies getting into the 
insulin pump market we should see some new innovation and hopefully lower 
prices as competition heats up...

So why don't we just stand in a circle, face inward and yell very loudly at 
the count of three that "xxx insulin pumps are the best" where xxx is your 
favorite brand, and then look sheepishly around at all the other people as 
we realize how foolish we appear...  and then lets face outward and yell for 
the whole world to hear "Pumps are the best technology at the moment to 
control Diabetes" and then go forward to try to get more people 
information about pumps (any of the pumps!) so they can have a chance to 
share some of the benefits that many of us have enjoyed...

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