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Re: [IP] DEX

At 07:28 AM 4/29/00 -0700, you wrote:

>         I myself have concerns about the dex meter. I checked my bg the
>other day to find it tobe in the 500's, but when I checked it on my One
>Touch meter
>It showed lower than that. Actually about 100 lower. What do I do? Does
>anyone have any info on a One Touch meter site.

You also have to make sure you are comparing the same thing. Some meters 
give you a value based on whole blood testing while others give you a serum 
test value. The serum numbers are the ones you get back from a lab test. I 
know that the Dex returns the serum value and the One Touch Profile returns 
whole blood values. The Profile Manual states: "Whole blood results are 
approximately 12% lower than serum or plasma results. To compare lab 
results with meter results, divide the lab result by 1.12." Example: 
"Assume that the lab result is 224 mg/dL. 224 divided by 1.12 = 200 (lab 
value converted to meter value). Compare this figure to your meter result 
and the two should be within 20% of each other." Your numbers: 500/1.12 = 
447. If your One Touch showed 400 that is roughly 10% off  and within 
range. During the time I used a Dex I found them to be reliable meters and 
only changed when I started pumping and the Accu-Chek Complete was designed 
to fit hand in glove with the pump.

I am fascinated by new bells and whistles and have owned and used a few 
pumps over the years. I currently use an Accu-Chek Complete. I own and have 
used an Accu-Chek Advantage, a One Touch Profile, a Dex and an Ames 
Glucometer II. I have also had a small credit card meter by MediSense. I 
have managed to acquire but never use an Accu-Chek II and an Accu-Chek bG. 
This never started out as a hobby and I can still argue that it isn't. But 
let the next round of meters come out with an extra bell or a shriller 
whistle and I am headed to the drug store. Or like the last two if someone 
says they found these in the storage closet behind some boxes under some 
paperwork and do I want them. I'll take them.


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