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Fwd: privately[IP]historical MM-bought D webname

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Doreen and Sandi,
  The incident you both discussed of MiniMed purchasing the
web domainname "disetronics.com" is by now old true news.
The time Ms. Pope writes about was true, it was even
reprinted by Disetronic in the user newsletter sent out
to their customers and other interested (whoever asked to
be on the mailing list) in mid 1998.
  The reason you cannot find it NOW, Ms. McGlade, is that
upon its discovery by Disetronic, it was soon
wrested from MiniMed and taken-ownership-of properly by
Disetronic, so that today any attempt to access the
"wrong" name NOW gets connected to their "right" place.

  I as a computer and network geek, did keep some files
of the network name assignment information from that era,
and I found that I do have one I made showing that from
08-Apr-98 until Wed Aug 19 21:13:55 1998 when I recorded
the fact, "disetronics.com" had been registered by MiniMed.
Their "bad" www. site probably ceased sometime before
the new registration by Disetronic was completed 06-Nov-1998.
You can see any domainname registration by looking at
Since Disetronic Licensing AG of Burgdorf Switzerland
was the SECOND entity to register "disetronics.com"
it shows there with the "2" in name (DISETRONICS2-DOM)
The file I kept from looking it up on 19 Aug 1998 shows:
   12744 San Fernando Road
   SYLMAR, CA 91342
and then gave (no longer true now!)
Name:    www.disetronics.com

If you wish to share any fraction of this with the list,
you are welcome to do so, but please, it is a little bit
like in a hot-rod-car or motorcycle club of whose
machine is better when they all can out-speed the bicyclist.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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