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[IP] sinus infection/headache/lows?

Hi Everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone has had a sinus infection and it actually
made you have low bg instead of high?  I have had a wicked headache for the
past four days and went to see my doc and he put me on a antibiotic (just
started this a.m.) but my blood sugar is running on the low side.  I usually
have high bg's and not know I have a sinus infection until I go in to see
the doc.
I went to see my endo yesterday and he said I was doing well and made some
minor adjustments to my PMS basal rates and took a HA1C and I have to wait
until he mails me the results.  Crossing my fingers that it's where I want
it to be.

I have been reading the recent posts on driving and pump wars and all I can
say is I am SO GLAD to have my pump
and think it's a matter of choice and whatever flips your switch!!! In other
words to each their own.
But I would appreciate the input if anyone has had sinus
infections/headaches and had lows.
Thought of a name for my pump finally and since I have the MM 507C in blue I
thought I would call it Blue Star!!!
dx'd 3/85
pumping 4/20/99 w/BlueStar

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