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[IP] deprssion and Diabetes

From: "Tracey" <email @ redacted>
Has anyone been this depressed before......i mean i know the pump is =
supposed to help, but it's embarrassing for me to wear one, it hurts the
romance in a relationship, and it's just a big pain in the butt to have =
on all the time......i wear mine whenever my father is around.......

i just wanted to say what i was feeling........sorry if i bored you in =
this message........
Tracey Scott , dxd Mar/99,  25 yrs old

Tracy I'm going to be very blunt here.  Yes I have been THAT depressed. 
I was 25 at the time too.  And I went to a therapist who was so blunt
that she sent me home in tears the first day I saw her.  And now I thank
her for saving my life.  I learned one very important thing from her and
that is:  There are always choices in every situation. EVERY SITUATION!

Now you can sit there and feel sorry for your self and wait for someone
else to feel sorry for you too or you can make just a small change in
something that you do for yourself today.  The choices are always, do
something or do nothing and continue to feel like crap.   
Tell me how can a pump ruin a relationship. if your partner is that
offended by it then that person is not in your best interest.  And how
can it get in the way if you are not even around from not taking care of
yourself to use it???

Email me privately and I would be glad to talk you and listen.  I know I
needed a listener too when I was where you are.

Again sorry for being blunt but you got a whole internet site full of
support here.

Sheila Morris
28yrs. old
D for 12 yrs
P since 1-4-00

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