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Re: [IP] Depression and Diabetes

I know exactly how you feel.  I have been having problems with depression
for a few years now.  It got a little better when I went on the pump because
my sugars are a little better.  It's still difficult, though.  Just last
week I found myself crying hysterically and couldn't pinpoint a reason why.
This week I called in sick to work one day just because I couldn't drag
myself out of bed.  Then once I did get out of bed I couldn't sit still and
ended up pacing around the house all afternoon.  My doc is trying different
meds, but none have worked so far.  We just need to keep trying and hang in
there.  It helps so much to know I'm not the only one.  If you ever want to
talk about things privately here's my email address:
email @ redacted  I also have AOL instant messenger, my name is
handz77.  Good luck to you and remember you're not alone.


I"m on an antidepressent, and it seems to work well, however, i really dont
seem to care about checking bloods, or bolusing.....my doctor put me on the
pump because i wouldn't bother taking needles.......Once you blood is under
control does this will to die go away......I am constantly in the hospital,
by my own doing, but no one can force you to take insulin......

Has anyone been this depressed before......i mean i know the pump is
supposed to help, but it's embarrassing for me to wear one, it hurts the
romance in a relationship, and it's just a big pain in the butt to have on
all the time......i wear mine whenever my father is around.......

i just wanted to say what i was feeling........sorry if i bored you in this
Tracey Scott , dxd Mar/99,  25 yrs old

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