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Re: [IP] D vs. MM (long)

> Sandi Pope <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > 3  only capable of .1 unit basals, so if a young child
> > or active adult only wants say .4 unit basals per hour
> > then the pump delivers .1 unit every 15 minutes, this
> > is why MM is having a terrible time with occlusions,
> > just recently MM has bought Humalog crystals from
> > Lilly to try to reformulate them so that their pumps
> > won't clog
>James Handsfield<email @ redacted>wrote
> The MiniMed 508 allows a setting for more dilute insulin (e.g. 50 u per
> Lilly is working to develop a buffered Humalog specifically for use in
> pumps.  Can you document the occlusion problems?  Why would MiniMed have
> this problem with occlusion due to the Humalog while the Disetronic not?
> This sounds more like an argument to use regular insulin instead of
> than an issue of which pump to choose.
   I myself have been on humalog every since I have been on the pump. I have
not had any problems with any occlusions or clogging. I have been on the
pump with minimed every since 95.

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