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Re: [IP] Buffered insulin? was: D vs MM

Sam Skopp <email @ redacted> wrote:

> A disodium phosphate buffer is added to the insulin solution for use in 
> insulin pumps. It is used to try to prevent the formation of insulin 
> crystals and clogging of the insulin infusion pump catheter. Since both 
> Velosulin and Humalog are both successfully used in pumps, one must assume 
> that both are buffered. As soon as I can locate the precise citation, I 
> will list it here.

So far, Humalog is not buffered, which is why it has not yet been formally approved for use in pumps.  But the law gives great leeway to physicians to use drugs in any way they think useful.  For example, lidocaine, developed as a local anesthetic and commonly used by dentists, turned out also to have a stabilizing effect on heart function.  As a result, emergency room docs began to use it IV in patients who presented with heart problems.  It didn't get formally approved for that usage for years.

I've believe that Lilly is working on the situation.

Jim Handsfield
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