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Re: [IP] whether EMTs should suspend a pump

In Pennsylvania, EMS has several different levels of training, basic life 
support (which is further broken down into 2 levels- first responder (scouts 
training) and EMT- which allows oxygen and some related equipment) and 
advanced life support- ie Paramedic.

Basic life support includes patient assessment, CPR, splinting, including 
traction splints and Shock Trousers, bleeding control, wound care, 
administration of instant glucose gel and oxygen (the only drugs permitted to 
be administered by basic life support personnel) etc.  Any other drug, 
dextrose, IV's, defibrillator/heart monitor, artificial airways, drugs, etc 
are advanced life support which requires further training that Paramedics go 
through (approximately 6 more months in Pennsylvania)  

So to answer your question, in Pa, an EMT cannot start an IV or give D50- 
although they can use instant glucose gel rubbed inside the cheek as long as 
the patient is able to swallow and certain precautions are taken, but a 
Paramedic (EMTP) can do both, as well as use the heart monitor/difibrillator, 
insert endotracheal tubes, give drugs.

I hope that this answered your question, without further confusing you!  EMS 
providers from other states work differently, I'd love to hear your state's 

aka Mouse
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