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[IP] flame war on pumps and reps....quick note

IMHO, I've seen things from BOTH companies that made me a little
uncomfortable - my Disetronic rep (please note I have a Dis) told me some
things that I knew NOT to be true about Mini-Med; and the Mini-Med rep I
spoke to over a year ago told me some rather unsavory things about
Disetronic that I knew to be untrue as well.  I take anything coming from
either company about the competition with a grain of salt - its just like
any other company - Nike will tell you their shoes are better over New
Balance shoes for whatever reasons, Reebok will say that Nike's
such-and-such arch support will fail for this other reason....see what I'm
saying???? They want you to buy THEIR product, and most companies will do
whatever it takes to get you to do so - whether it be by misinforming
consumers or by other unscrupulous practices.  People need to look at the
overall picture and not put bline trust in what they hear from competitive
companies.  For me, I looked at all the information packets, talked to users
of both MM and Disetronic, and came to my decision that way.  I didn't think
I could trust reps who were backtalking reps from the 'other side.'  Just my
couple o' pennies worth....
Dawn email @ redacted

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