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[IP] T-Ball Messed Up Perfect Basals!

I need some insight here, please.  About 3 weeks ago I spent 4 nights 
checking Jack's nighttime basals and had him steady as a rock.  Now T-ball 
has started and the whole thing has gone to _ell in a handbasket!  Getting 
through the game is easy; I just do a temp basal .15 less than his normal 
rate for 1 hour and he's in the 90's to low 100's everytime.  The problem is 
at night.  He still likes a bedtime snack at around 8-9 pm.  By 11 pm he's in 
the '50's.  Rather than wake him I've done a temp basal of .10 less than 
normal for 3 hours and he's come up nicely, but I'm wondering what to do to 
avoid the low in the first place.  I was thinking about turning down his 
basal at the time of the snack by .10 for 3 hours.  I'd appreciate hearing 
from any of you experienced parents of T-ball pumpers.


Mom of Jack, age 6, dx'd 5 years ago
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