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[IP] website story...check it out for yourself!

Hi all, 

I was disgusted when I read the following story, so being an independent
thinker I tried the disetronics.com address on my web browser.  I had every
intention of emailing MM and giving them a piece of my mind.  Guess what,
folks?  That address goes straight to....Disetronic.  Hmmmmmmm....

I think we've all had enough of innuendo and half-truths.  Post your own
experiences, but PLEASE don't repeat stories that you've heard happened to
someone else.  We're getting into the old game of "gossip."  (If I whisper
something to one person, and that person passes it on to someone else, the
original message eventually becomes totally garbled and wildly INACCURATE.)
 This thread should be useful to individuals trying to make an important
decision, but it's taken a turn toward "gossip."   In this forum that could
be harmful and even dangerous.  (My humble opinion, of course.)

What really matters is that we (and/or our loved ones) are (or will be)

:)  Doreen in Wyoming 

...  D found out that MM had bought this website named
disetronics.com (Real name for D is
disetronic-usa.com) and put up a black screen with an
ugly picture on it that said down for repairs, the
ownership was traced back to MM.  D didn't even know
about it til customers were calling about the website
being down....
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