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[IP] Waiting for Next Tuesday

I am soooooooo excited.  I asked for your help about two weeks ago.  My Dr. had told me he
didn't know if I needed a pump because I was under such good control (6.6 the last two
times).  I asked for anyone who had good control before they got they're pump to give me
some advice.  I got some great replies.  I edited them a little and sent them attached to
a letter to my Dr. telling him why I thought I needed a pump.  (Remember, he had also said
he would talk to some endo friends and get they're opion)  Well he called me at work the
next day to day he had talked to an endo who was very encouraging and my letter and the
"testimonies" were very helpful and her was going to recommend I get a pump.  That was a
week ago Thurs.
Today,  I just got a call from Minimed that my insurance company approve my pump and is
paying 100% ( I never expected that).  My pump will be delivered next Tues. am.  I have an
appt with my CDE for Tues pm.  I'm sooooo excited.  I am using a loner pump right now.  I
was supposed to have given it back at the beginning of the week but my CDE ( a real
sweeheart) said she didn't want to take it away so, I could keep it till mine came.  I've
been taking shots for 35 years and now I'm finished. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP.  I've
been reading the digest for about a month now and it's been really helpful.


dxd age 12  pumping 2 weeks

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