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Re[IP]D,M & A, no vs all GREAT!

<<Just wanted to add this as no one seems to know about it.  On the 
Disetronic, it can be programmed by the factory to stop at a certain amount 
of bolus.  For instance, when Jess first started pumping at age 6, she never 
used more than 4 units of insulin at a time.  We had the pump programmed to 
turn alarm if someone tried to bolus more than 4 units at a time.  It will
alarm and put itself in stop mode and not deliver any insulin until you stop 
the alarm and turn it on again.  It was a nice feature for small children, 
but we do not use it anymore.  >>

All pumps have basal and bolus limits that can be adjusted/set by following 
instructions in the user manual. These will vary depending on which pump you 
have. These are usually accessed in set up features, or with the D, by 
request to the manufacturer.  It is nice to have these features built in.
Barbara B.
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