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Re: [IP] more volatile Sara response

Hi all,

On the subject of driving and insulin I just wanted to share with all
that I used to drive tractor trailers nationwide and when I had to go on
insulin I had to give up driving due to the DOT safety regulations.  I
was surprised to find how many trucking companies and drivers were
unaware that if you are on insulin you can not drive a commercial
vehicle.  I checked on this as soon as I found out I would be going on
insulin.  It really stinks that it is this way but I guess that it is
the way it is for everyones safety.  I wish that it wasn't this way
because I used to love the job and it paid well.  But it worked out for
the better for me and my family.  Well thanks for letting me give my 2
cents worth as everyone is saying these days. 

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