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Re: [IP] D vs MM

At 11:58 AM 4/28/00 Sandi Pope wrote:
 >there are less or no problems with occlusions with D
 >because the insulin is kept moving thru the tubbing by
 >being pulsed every three minutes, this is particarly
 >crucial when dealing with small basal amounts (kids)
 >if for instance in a MM pump and my daughters basal of
 >.4 unit per hour the MM pump would only deliver .1
 >unit every 15 minutes so the insulin crystalizes in
 >the tube therefore causing blockages, I've seen this
 >problem mentioned on this website.

I've personally never read of any problems with insulin crystallizing in MM 
pumps while using buffered insulins (for example: Velosulin and Humalog) 
and modern infusion sets. This may have been a problem quite a few years 
ago, but with the equipment and insulin that we use now, it should be a 
total non-issue. The only time my pump beeps with a no-delivery is when 
I've run out of insulin or (rarely) if I crimp the tubing. Otherwise, my MM 
has been going non-stop for two years now.


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