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[IP] D vs MM

the fact that MM fixed the 508 software last Nov is
commendable, it should never have gotten to market in
the first place

never said that D was being altruistic in providing 2
pumps, it simply was the std for Europe and was kept
the same here in the US  (MM reps have told people
that (I know) D must provide 2 pumps because they
break down all of the time)

there are less or no problems with occlusions with D
because the insulin is kept moving thru the tubbing by
being pulsed every three minutes, this is particarly
crucial when dealing with small basal amounts (kids) 
if for instance in a MM pump and my daughters basal of
.4 unit per hour the MM pump would only deliver .1
unit every 15 minutes so the insulin crystalizes in
the tube therefore causing blockages, I've seen this
problem mentioned on this website.

if your MM needs repair it is still at least 24 hrs
before you can get your back up, during that time you
would have to give yourself shots everytwo hours or
resort to giving NPH

the lawsuit wasn't dropped by D, it settled out of
court, which is something any lawyer will tell you to
do if at all possible because it is a lot less
expensive, D sought injunctive (immediate) and
monetary relief on the basis of unfair competiton,
product disparagement, false advertising and consumer
fraud.  This happened in Tampa in 1996, maybe you can
do a search, but in the meantime I'll get more info
from my rep.  What happened is that MM took a D pump,
had their engineers rewire it so that is dumped the
entire insulin cartridge at once and showed it to
potential clients.  The injunctive relief referrs to
that the court ordered MM to stop that practice. 
There are other things that I don't have time to go
into now maybe I'll add later.

D found out that MM had bought this website named
disetronics.com (Real name for D is
disetronic-usa.com) and put up a black screen with an
ugly picture on it that said down for repairs, the
ownership was traced back to MM.  D didn't even know
about it til customers were calling about the website
being down.

Aside from all of these points that you mentioned you
didn't bring up the major underhanded thing MM does:
the pump comparison chart with all of the false info
on it for D.  If this post really bothers you why
don't you get one from MM and then order the D info
(by the way you won't get any disparaging info
concerning MM  included) and see for yourself.  That
is what I did.  I was one fax away from ordering MM
pumps for my children then discovered this can of

Let's all stay objective here we're talking about a

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