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Re: [IP] D vs. MM (long)

>> 5  comes with back up pump, because that is the
>> standard in Europe, D decided to keep the stds the
>> same for the whole company, no reason to ever go back
>> to shots

> The D-tron will not have a second pump in the package.
The second pump
> procedure came from Swiss law (D is a Swiss company)
which requires a backup
> system be constantly available in case of failure of any
potentially life
> saving equipment.  It never was for altruistic reasons.

In '91, they did do it for 'altruistic' reasons.  They
never HAD to supply 2 in the US.  They did in Europe and
so gave the same benefits to the US, but they didn't have
to.  I believe Sandi was speaking of the HTron+ which does
supply 2.  They are dropping down to one with the DTron
one because the breakdowns have not been enough to justify
two (my understanding) and they will then lengthen the

>> 2  not waterproof and must disconnect

> Not entirely true.  While MiniMed *does* say that if the
internal part gets
> wet by dropping into a bathtub, for example, to remove
the reservoir and dry
> it out.  This is precautionary.  The internal circuitry,
motor, etc., is all
> inside a waterproof case.

That's great, they can swim, shower with impunity, just
like the D users.  Is this true for the 508's or all of
them.  All I've seen is that MM's are water resistant.  I
know you said 'not entirely true'.  When I first got my
V100 I was thrown into a pool at a work party, and ended
up playing water soccer for an hour and wouldn't have been
able to clean or reconnect for 4 hours.  Not having to
make a scene or being without insulin for awhile made a
huge difference to me, which I know wouldn't be applicable
to many.  If MM's are fully waterproof, I will look much
more closely at them next time.  I do like many of the

>> 3  only capable of .1 unit basals, so if a young child
>> or active adult only wants say .4 unit basals per hour
>> then the pump delivers .1 unit every 15 minutes, this
>> is why MM is having a terrible time with occlusions,
>> just recently MM has bought Humalog crystals from
>> Lilly to try to reformulate them so that their pumps
>> won't clog

> Can you document the occlusion problems?  Why would
MiniMed have
> this problem with occlusion due to the Humalog while the
Disetronic not?

I think the reason given, is that the greater number of
pulses will keep the D clear, while more time between
pulses would increase the likelyhood of occlusions for
MM.  I haven't had occlusions, and don't know the chemical
makeup of insulin, but it seems reasonable that the longer
a liquid is in a tight space, the more likely it would

I would like to also find out how many, of each pump, have
occllusion problems.  I have only had one occlusion, in
seven years, and that was because the tubing got twisted.
How about if that question is put into a thread, or added
to the form we have all filled out on entering ip.

>> 4  if there is a problem with your pump you must
>> resort to shots for however long it takes the loaner
>> to arrive

> According to the MiniMed people here in Atlanta, one
should arrive by the
> earliest FedEx delivery available.

In Atlanta (a hub) that would be a couple hours?
overnight?   I would guess (don't know as it hasn't
happened) that the bg's would be high, right away.  I
think I would have to take a shot, especially if I wanted
to eat.

> 6 half of MM profits come from the supplies, reps push
> that business, changing the insulin cartridge
> everytime time for example

> Only half?  Are you suggesting that Disetronic doesn't
do the same?

I am concerned (g) that both will lose money when they
implement the implant (no infusion sets or cartridges for
long periods) or peritoneal (fewer infusion sets as I
would think they would not have to be changed as often).
Will the original unit price increase, drastically?

>> Now, I found out some VERY underhanded and illegal
>> business practices MM uses to destroy D's reputation.

> How was it settled?  Was there any admission on
MiniMed's part?  Why did
> Disetronic drop the suit?  Without this information,
your sentence is mostly
> innuendo, and is quite defaming.

I think many corporate suits are settled with no
publisizing of wrongdoing.  What were the deceptive
practices, did they stop?  If no one knows what they were,
it may have been stretched.

The only things that I have seen is that there have been
posts, on this list, that were far from the truth
regarding D's.  I won't repeat them, because they haven't
been posted in awhile.  There were some about MM's from D
users (of course) which were mostly speaking of 506's and
things that were no longer true for MM's.  I think that
has dissipated also.

> The bottom line, IMHO, is that both pumps are useful
devices, and the Animas
> pump will be as well.  Most of the choice of one pump
over the other comes
> down to personal preference on someone's part.  There is
no fundamental
> difference in what they do -- deliver measured doses of
insulin in a
> reliable, programmable way.

> Jim Handsfield
> Statistician
> Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

They are all terrific pumps, they have to be.  I, and most
on this list, would quickly switch if their current was
not available.  I will make another choice, in another
year, and will determine what is better for me at that
time, as all of us should.  If the peritioneal is only
available with D, there will be no doubt of which I would
choose (delayed response, site deterioration).
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Always do right- this will gratify some and astonish the
 - Mark Twain

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