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RE: [IP] closing the loop

email @ redacted wrote:

> 	There's been a lot of posts lately about possible closed loop
> systems (artificial pancreas).  Actually, this is still not nearly
> possible, even with a continuous glucose monitor.  The major 
> problem that
> has not been solved is actually the insulin delivery.  With a 
> subcutaneous
> infusion, the quite variable 3-4 hour absorption of even 
> "fast" Humalog, is
> much too slow for any possible automated system.

<< etc. >>

The MiniMed 2000, the experimental implanted pump, infuses directly into the
peritoneum, where absorption is close to pancreatic absorption.

So far, the closed loop systems in dogs is working very well -- not
perfectly, of course.  AFAIK, none of the dogs has died as a result of
either over or under dose of insulin, nor of rapidity of response.  

Jim Handsfield
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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