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Re: [IP] whether EMTs should suspend a pump

<<  but we do not want it to be a matter-of-course for our insulin pumps
to be removed and then not be attended to>>
<<keep seeing so many members speak of "suspending" their pumps'
delivery themselves when discovering hypoglycemia.>>
>I feel very torn over the issue of whether to let other people suspend my 

I know what you mean, it is hard to decide under exactly what
circumstances someone else should be able to turn off a pump. I do know
how to shut off Shane's pump should an emergency ever arise (our CDE had
another patient whose wife did not know, then when she needed to she
paniced and just ripped the site out, and I do mean RIPPED -
YEEEOOOOWWWWCH!). However, except under the most extreme circumstances,
I cannot see doing so. Nor would Shane or I want someone else doing so,
such as an EMT. Even if he was unconcious from a low, the small basal
amount being delivered would not significantly affect the glucagon or
dextrose or whatever they choose to administer for the low. And while
turning it off temporarily to treat the low might help, you just know
that if they turned off or removed the pump, no one would think to turn
it back on later...
ps. Since Shane responds to H in about 5 min, he has suspended the pump
for a low, but finds that doing a lower temp basal for a while actually
gives him better results-no high later.
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