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Re: [IP] thyroid

ABSOLUTELY...to all of your questions!

more  signs/symptoms:

sweat glands not functioning
hair falling out and not growing on legs/underarms
puffy face / eyes
itchy, dry flaky skin
if female...whacko periods!!
sore muscles...like arthritis
sleeping late in the am  when you may have not slept in before

all of these signs will occur over a long period of time.  it took me a year
to finally get dx'd.....only AFTER ending up in hospital with bacterial
pneumonia.  THEN, they discovered my hypothyroidism through the routine
blood workup!

mom to geneva, age 11,  whose thyroid also stopped functioning.

> Speaking of thyroid..............Is it common for diabetics to have
> troubles also?  I have gained 16 # since 9-1-99 and really feel like I am
> eating no differently than ever.  I am always tired and take naps for 2
> in the aft.  Are these signs of low thyroid?  I know you are not
> but can we talk about thyroid problems with dm?

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