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[IP] whether EMTs should suspend a pump

In a message dated 4/27/00 11:00:27 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  but we
do not want it to be a matter-of-course for our
insulin pumps to be removed and then not be attended to>>
<<keep seeing so many members speak of "suspending" their
pumps' delivery themselves when discovering hypoglycemia.>>

I feel very torn over the issue of whether to let other people suspend my 
pump.  A couple months ago I had an experience where my digestive system was 
just not working (finally just vomited up all the glucose tabs and ginger ale 
I'd been taking).  I was low for 5 hours total, had gotten down to the 30s 
before I thought to suspend my pump:  it took about a half hour for it to 
start to go up slowly after that.  (this is a pump success story -- surely 
911 would have been the alternative if I had taken a long acting insulin).  
Presumably IVdextrose would have worked (glucagon might not have on me -- 
that's another story), and then it is theoretically possible my bg level 
wouldn't have gone up later, if everything had balanced out, but that doesn't 
seem at all likely. So, yes, I do on occasion suspend my pump, and I don't 
trust anyone else to do it but see the possibility of there being that 
occasion when it would be a really good idea (for a short, but possibly life 
saving time).

But I wouldn't suspend it until I had given the glucose tabs a chance to 
work, because this kind of thing doesn't usually happen, thank goodness.

Linda Z
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