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[IP] Re: D vs. M

>> the single biggest reason I chose D for my two kids is
>> the basal delivery system that gives you 20 pulses per
>> hour.

>And that is probably the best reason to choose the Disetronic, 
>particularly for children (and others) who are very insulin 

Very good point.  I agree that the Disetronic (and Animas)
incorporate a superior basal delivery system than the Minimed,
especially at a low basal rate, like .1 or .2 units per hour.
Unfortunately, we really have no way of actually knowing what
our basal rate(s) will be until after we've been pumping for a
while.  For many of us, our actual basal rates are far less
than what the 'basal rate estimator' formula predicted for
us pre-pump.  I think this is a very strong reason to choose 
Disetronic or Animas.
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