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[IP] medical id

I have a medic alert- bracelet emblem that I put on a "dog chain" chain,
after the bracelet chain broke, which I find a big pain to wear. So it
stays in my purse.  Then when I got my pump I figured I should have
something to worn medical personal about the pump attached to me.  So,  I
took the wallet card that came with my Disetronic pump and filled it out
and taped it to the sun visor in my mini van.  I always drive with that
thing down anyway so I figured that someone would see it if I were ever
in an accident.  
And since we have started talking about, how someone would know in an
emergency situation, I was thinking about a tattoo (very small, of
course)  But the problem is where would I put it so that it would be seen
in the right situations and 2. those things are not a very good thing for
diabetics. (or so I've been told)   I know that this also sounds like
when the Jews where marked in WWII.  But I think I would gladly pay the
cost of the laser treatments to remove it when a cure comes around.

-The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise man grows it
under his feet.  
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