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[IP] Driving thread

I just wanted to chip in on the driving thread for a moment....

Each of us knows our body and how it reacts - and only you, the
individual knowing that information, can be the judge of when to test,
when to drive, and how often to test while driving.

Some of us have had unfortunate personal experiences with friends that
tear at our hearts and make us want to "force" the diabetic world to be
more careful.  Sometimes we feel like if we can just change one person's
opinion - well that may save a family, a friend, a child from an

But reality is that no one knows what is in store us - today, tomorrow,
in 20 minutes.  We all hope and pray that by doing the "right" thing we
will be rewarded, but it doesn't always work that way.  

I do not necessarily test every time I get in a car, but I also test
fairly often anyways (7-10 times/day).  I test on the road, on the bus,
at the bus stop, at a lecture, whereever I need to to feel safe -
including while driving.

It's a matter of knowing yourself, trusting yourself and trusting god. 
Each of us will have our opinions of what is safe and what is not, and I
think we have to remember the essence of the list - your mileage may
vary, and so may your opinion.

Hoping for a dwindling of the start of this little flame on driving,
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