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[IP] Pump Choices

Brian wrote:

>>Bottom line  is  that Pumps  (all of them)  are good the all basically do
the same thing just have different bells and whistles.
my advice is to research from different views and NEVER take 1 or 2 peoples
opinion on a pump or its features..  people tend to be loyal to their
pump/company/their favorite.<<

Everyone who is in the process of choosing a pump, what Brian said is very
true.  All pumps basically do the same thing, one is not better than the
other, except maybe in preferred features to each person.  I may think my
pump is better because of a certain feature it has and you may think your
pump is better because of a certain feature you like.   It is up to every
individual in the process of choosing a pump to get the facts, not just from
other users but from company information, etc.  All the pump companies,
including the newbie Animas, I believe have videos and brochures for their
pumps.  Get them all and look at them all.  Weigh the pros and cons of each
pump.  YOU have to live with the pump 24/7, not someone else.  YOU have to
decide what features are most important to YOU, not someone else.  I'm happy
so far with my pump choice and I'm not going to even name it here, because
it's not important.  It's MY choice and you must make YOUR choice!

Hookup day is May 15... woohoo!

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