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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #135

Diana wrote:

>>I frequently need to change my sites and end up with sterile tubing left
over. I have e-mailed MiniMed asking about purchasing canulas separate from
tubing but they are unavailable. Does anyone else have this problem too?
Perhaps if there were enough demand from pump users they would make them
available. <<
The Tenders can be purchased from Disetronic with 20 sets and 10 tubings.
Hookup day May 15... Woohoo!

Diana & RoseLea - we have discussed this thread before and many of us wrote 
and asked MM to sell the canala separately.   So far, no results. So I am 
asking all Sil and Tender users to keep the pressure on.  I use about 3-1 
canalas to tubing, sometimes even 4-1.  The packaging 2-1 really isn't good 
enough for me.   Maintaining good sites is a problem for me and I throw out 
miles of unused tubing monthly!   So Sad and So Expensive!
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

P.S.  So glad our Natalie Sara is back and with a vengence!

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