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RE: [IP] D vs. MM (long)

I would like to add to a few things here:
ually, the MiniMed 508 is also waterproof for the important parts.  The
drying precautions are just that -- precautions.
> 6 half of MM profits come from the supplies, reps push
> that business, changing the insulin cartridge
> everytime time for example

I would think this would be the same for Disetronic too.  The pump(s) for
both companies sell for about $5500(American dollars) these days(?), and the
supplies are somewhere between ($500-600 for three months), so that is
$2000-$2400 a year.  So basically in 2-3 years you have spend as much on
supplies as you did on the pump and will most likely still be buying
supplies until you upgrade.  So that is about a 50/50 split between your
pump and your supplies.  So both companies would make about 50% from
supplies.  Unless all the D users buy MM supplies or vice versa.  

Also, the only thing they ever told me to do was to wear my pump in the
leather case that came with it.  (To help with Static Electricity) But I
really haven't done that either. I have a MM if you hadn't guessed.
> the single biggest reason I chose D for my two kids is
> the basal delivery system that gives you 20 pulses per
> hour.

And that is probably the best reason to choose the Disetronic, particularly
for children (and others) who are very insulin sensitive.  In my case my
lowest basal rate is .3/hr and I have never had an occlusion problem.  I use
straight Humalog.  I change my site about every 4 days, and tubing every 2nd
or 3rd change time.

> Now, I found out some VERY underhanded and illegal
> business practices MM uses to destroy D's reputation. 
> MM has been taked to court by D in FL for improper
> sales tactics and advertising, settled prior to trial.

I actually found in my area that the D reps were very bitter and pushy and
the MM reps were very relaxed and willing to answer my questions.  I took
the information, called the companies, and made my own decision.  In my case
because of lifestyle and food choices the dual/square wave option, multiple
patterns of basals, and vibrate mode made the MM508 the better choice.  But
to be honest I would have gone with the D if that is what the insurance
company would have covered and even if they promised they could get it into
my hands quicker. :)   I thought both were excellent pumps and I have not
had any problems with mine.  When the swapped my original 508 for a
corrected model I was sad to see the first go.  It also had given me no

I find threads like this disturbing.  Mostly because I think it is important
that people make the decisions for themselves and be happy with what they
make.  We all feel strongly about the pumps that we use because they work so
well for us.  There are a lot of people out there on this list who have not
had any problems with their pumps (MM or D).  Remember this list has the
messages of people looking for help with problems they are having, and a few
messages of people who find things that did work.  It doesn't show you the
big picture.  Plus I think this list has more MM users the D users because a
majority of members are in the US where MM leads the market.  So please can
we not nasty and dis each pump.  When I joined a year ago looking for
information and read this stuff, I might not have been on a pump today.

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