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Re: [IP] bob's pump choice was....

<<Thanks for all your replies to my query. I apologize if this opens a pump
war and appreciate private posts especially.>>

I have to say that I was a bit surprised about reactions to giving "2 cents 
worth" to a question. I had to make up my mind very recently and posted my 
own reasons for my choice...still haven't started on my pump yet....and 
wrote how my "reasoning it out" went. Even if the info about the 508's 
programming problems was "old hat" to some in this group, it WASN'T to 
ME...and possibly wasn't to others. I hope to help others with their 
questions (at least as far as I can at this point)...isn't that what we are 
here for...support, experiences shared and opinions? Again, my 2 
cents.  Carole Eve

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