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[IP] canulas

MM sells Sils in a package of 10 sil tubing and sils packed separately. You
can retain your tubing and just change the sil. Actually,its probably not as
good an idea as it looks as since you often have lots of tubing when you
have no more sils. There is no similar packing that I found for the Soft
Sets. The idea of infection from old tubing I think is over-rated. Has
anyone ever gotten an infection from tubing reuse. Insulin is made with
carbolic acid, phenol, the stuff that smells like creasote. This is
bacteriocidal (it kills bacteria). For years when on MDI I often injected
thru my clothing, and never got an infection. An actual study was done by
some RN CDE's and they too never saw an infection this way. My endo asked
why I did this and I told her that it was cleaner than most rest-rooms and
that her chief resident had taught it to me 30 years prior. Andy B

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