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[IP] D vs. MM (long)

I am the type of person that really digs to find out
everything and just thought I'd add what I found out
abt the differences between the two pumps and the way
they do business, both are good products.

1 the single most compelling thing about this pump
(H-Tron +) is the fact that it gives you 20 pulses per
hour for your basals, if for instance you have a small
child and the basal is .1 unit per hour then the D
pump delivers .005 units every 3 min just like a
normal pancreas, this 3 min action prevents occlusions

2  pump upgrades are for free

3  new pump due out this summer with MM 508 software
(sans the problem) diff types of boluses, easier
scrolling, etc

4  it is waterproof, even without the red tappet, no
disconnecting for anything

5  comes with back up pump, because that is the
standard in Europe, D decided to keep the stds the
same for the whole company, no reason to ever go back
to shots

6  D has developed and received approval in Europe for
a closed loop system or artificial pancreas

7  D has developed (in VA at the Diabetes Institute) a
perineal port, which is an insulin delivery system
that puts the insulin into the perineal cavity just
like a normal pancreas which means no more absorption
thru the skin and no more site problems


1  any upgrades must be paid for out of pocket

2  not waterproof and must disconnect

3  only capable of .1 unit basals, so if a young child
or active adult only wants say .4 unit basals per hour
then the pump delivers .1 unit every 15 minutes, this
is why MM is having a terrible time with occlusions, 
just recently MM has bought Humalog crystals from
Lilly to try to reformulate them so that their pumps
won't clog

4  if there is a problem with your pump you must
resort to shots for however long it takes the loaner
to arrive

5  MM has developed a continuous glucose montoring
system the only problem is that is measures
interstitial fluid which is not accurate and it is
very expensive for the doctors to purchase ($5,000)

6 half of MM profits come from the supplies, reps push
that business, changing the insulin cartridge
everytime time for example

Now MM has a few bells and whistles, child locks which
don't always work, remotes which can fall into the
hands of another person which could be dangerous, but
the single biggest reason I chose D for my two kids is
the basal delivery system that gives you 20 pulses per

Now, I found out some VERY underhanded and illegal
business practices MM uses to destroy D's reputation. 
MM has been taked to court by D in FL for improper
sales tactics and advertising, settled prior to trial.
MM has this brochure in its intial package of info
called the pump comparison chart, know the difference,
most of you probably saw it.  Almost all of the info
on it for the D pump is wrong.  When I asked the D rep
about this he got very passionate and basically said
it was under investigation.  If you compare that MM
brochure with the D pump info you will see the
deception.  I almost went with MM and at first was
annoyed with the D rep but after listening objectively
I could see what he was talking about.  There is much
more and if you want email me privately.


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