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Re: [IP] RE: Driving Low--lecture???PUH lease!!!

Jim S

While I'm not Sara, and certianly don't want to reply for her (she speaks
very well for herself <g>), I do have my own $.02 to add.

You replied by this about Sara's friend who died in a car accident from a low.

It seem to me that emotions and judgements are being confused with facts.....

Sara you know more specifics to the accident that your friend was in than
any of
us can even guess at.   How low was she?

I can only assume that you KNOW that:
    She didn't test before she started driving.
    She didn't have a stroke or heart attack.
    Because of witnesses "they" know who ran the red light.

My uncle was in a car accident from a low.  Fortunately he, and the person
he hit (a woman who was 8 months pregenant... and my mom happened to be
about 3 months pregenant when this happened) were fine (the lady walked
away, my uncle went to the hospital due to the fact that he was still
unconscious due to the low-- now the cars is a different story).  My uncle
was below 20 when the paramedics got there, had not tested before he
started driving (he rarely did), he had previously had a heart attack, so
they check for that at the hospital and his heart was fine.  The specific
number however is quite arbitrary.  That uncle and I can go very low (below
20 at times) and still be consious (should NOT be doing anything like
driving).  I have another uncle who has been out cold in the upper 60's.
Everyone KNEW my uncle was at fault.  He ran head on into someone driving
on the other side of the road.  Interestingly enough, the only consequences
of this for my uncle was he was badly shaken about not only endangering
someone else's life... but a someone that was 8 months pregenant.  As for
being emotional, we are talking about people we care for lives... no matter
what that is going to take an emotional tone.

Maureen (who has a lot more difficult time program a bolus for Jude than
testing my bg while driving but finds both easier than changing the tape
and resists the idea of a cell phone)

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