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[IP] thyroid

Well, I just got my thyroid lab results back.  My TSH is listed at a 0.18
(normal lab value at 0.40-4.50), and my free T4 is at 1.1 (normal lab value
at 0.71-1.85).  Now, this is all greek to me, as some might say!!! VBG  The
results were mailed to me with a note from my CDE that said 'review TFT's in
6 weeks.'  Now I know some of you out there have dealt with thyroid
problems - I called the doc, but may not get an answer from her for a few
days yet.  I am wondering (and not looking for specific medical advice) but
doesn't 0.18 seem a little low if the lab value is 0.40 to 4.50?  What could
this maybe mean? I would just like to be able to do a little research on it.
Thanks -
Dawn email @ redacted     :)

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