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[IP] medical id

I have one of those wrap around the watch thingys - I ordered it from
Mini-Med's site.  It comes with two of them - one gold toned and one
silver - I have the silver one wrapped around my Timex Expedition watch
which has a very rugged looking silver face and thick black leather strap.
It looks like a part of the watch - and should be obvious to emergency
personnel  that it is some sort of medical alert ID because it has the red
cross, and says 'Diabetic - Insulin Pump - Wallet Card.'  Whether someone
chooses to look in my wallet or not, at least they know.  And on that note,
if something ever happens where I need medical assistance, I HOPE people
will look in my i.d. pouch for that wallet card.  BTW, these little i.d.
bands cost around nine dollars from the Mini-Med site - if you hate to wear
extraneous jewelry, this is the way to go (I never ever take my watch off -
I can't recall the last time I did).

Dawn email @ redacted

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