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Re: [IP] substitute teachers-venting

I understand your venting - and you are correct in saying - what good is 504 
or IEP
worthless paper - no one reads - just a CYA part of politics.
Me - Darlene - Mom to Kap thinks 
It is a little safer playing in the street - at least my child can see the 
car coming toward him.  Lows or highs are not that easy.
Kap was in the office this morning - bent over with tummy pains - office mgr 
said he looked fine ONLY was having a little tummy pain.  I asked what was 
his bgs - she asked him - he couldnt talk - pain was so bad. Labored 
breathing. She told him to go back to class and get his meter.  I stopped 
that from happening, told her to call down to class and have someone bring it 
too him and keto strips as well.
But it was all useless, I was at the school to pick him up before the testing 
meter made it to the office.
When all is said and done - If low bring child home, if high bring child home.
I have a 2nd set of books at home.  So you could say he is home school on low 
or high days.  He hasnt missed as many school days as his regular teacher - 
lots of subs - so he couldnt have missed a lot of info.  He is making A/B 
since pump.
Dealing with diabetes and schools is a joke.
Still I press on - and Educate and Educate.
Thanks for listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - pumping 1 day at a time.

 Deborah mom to Eve 12.75
 Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99 >>
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