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Re: [IP] Disetronic Vs. Minimed

We had the Disetronic for about a month but have sent it back to trade in for 
the Minimed.  They are similar but Minimed has a few more features that are 
just nice to have.  One thing I really like better on the Minimed is that you 
can lock the bolus, the Disetronic doesn't and with only two touches of a 
button extra insulin is given - which can be very dangerous especially when 
you're sensitive to insulin like my son.  The Minimed also has a backlight, 
better temporary basal rate features, square wave bolusing (for high fat 
meals or long meals), and yes it does have a remote.  The remote means you 
don't even have to get the pump out to bolus - pretty neat.  Anyway, I know 
how hard it is to decide so I thought I'd let you have my 2 cents worth, hope 
it helps.  :)

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