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Re: [IP] A VERY, VERY, VERY Long Post About MiniMed Vs. Disetronic

the type of pump is of no consequence to us we thought we were getting a 
minimed 508 and only had info on it, when the disetronic rep called and said 
he was coming to do his training in our home i was floored, i never had even 
heard of disetronic.
however several phone calls later and a day or so later i found out our ins 
co only pays for the disetronic so that is what we got, as a pump is better 
than no pump and we have been truly happy with the disetronic however if we 
were told we had to change we would
our endo had never used the disetronic and the hospital had only had one 
other person put on one so the disetronic co made sure a rep/trainer who is a 
diab and uses the pump would be there to make sure we knew how to use the 
pump and that all went well and was programmed right. this sure did make 
things much easier in a nervous setting esp since alisha went low and we had 
to wait for her iv to be put in and the basal rates to be programmed and then 
there wasn't any insulin ordered for the pump etc. before she could eat.

mom to 
Maria 21 graduating college this year
Jonathan 15  adhd and bipolar
Veronica 14 my helping hand
Alisha 10  add dx 2-2-98 pumping since 1-6-00
and grandma to
Paige 2 1/2 my little sunshine
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