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Re: [IP] MA Bracelets, Necklaces, Etc...

I think you've got a GREAT idea there, Sara.  I was talking to my husband
about this.   He and I are both EMT's.  I think he's come up with an even
better idea - not only put an MA tag on the pump, but also instructions on
how to shut it off for EMT's.  Just something else you may want to include
when you write your letters.

Deb, EMT
D 12/77  Pumping 3/97
> Here's a strange and random though... What about
> partnering a Medic Alert ID tag up WITH the pump
> somewhere?  If I were an EMT and saw a davice hooked to
> a patient's body I might just be curious enough to look
> for an identifying tag on it somewhere.  I mean sure,
> it might not take that long to realize what the pump
> itself is for, but as we've discussed, many of us have
> medical concerns that reach beyond JUST DIABETES.
> -Sara G. (Thinking that she may just want to write
> MM/D/A/MA about this idea and see who picks it up...)

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