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Re: [IP] HOT Weather & pumping?

In a message dated 04/27/2000 11:07:29 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

OK, here's my 2 cents worth, from one of the hottest places that people 
inhabit, Phoenix.  I've been pumping 4 years with a MM506, with Velosulin, 
and this will be my first summer with Humalog.  My insulin hasn't degraded 
when I spend time outside as long as the temperature stays under about 
105-110.  Above that it degrades quickly.  In June and July we often have 
115+ days.  Two summers ago I had to run a pest control route full time in 
the heat and was outside most of the day.  I would be good until about mid 
afternoon, then the bgs would shoot up and I'd have to change out the insulin 
and the tubing.  Seems to be OK to go for a couple hours at that temp but not 
longer.  One important thing seemed to be to keep the tubing out of the 
direct sunlight/heat.  

A good solution was to wear a fanny pack with a "blue ice" pack in it.  Then 
put the pump in there wrapped in a washcloth and tuck in the tubing.  A 
little cumbersome, but the insulin stays good.

BTW, today it's 103 degrees out there. UGH!

Good luck,

<< > How long was Geneva's insulin in the pump? I'm having great success with
 at least three days per site -- even a couple of four day sites. But I won't
 jeopardize the insulin just because I can get another day or two!
 > Diane
 I have been using Humalog in my pump since I started pumping 3 years ago in
 March.  I have NEVER had insulin go bad and I've occasionally let my sites
 go for 5 days.  I live in Southern Illinois, so it's not as warm as out in
 AZ or CA, but it gets plenty hot and humid here for me!!
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