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Re: [IP] RE: Driving Low--lecture???PUH lease!!!


email @ redacted wrote:

> Warning to IP members  this post may be perceived as ugly so you may chose to
> delete or skip this message...and I don't care ....un sub me if you must.


> My DEAD friend Barb never got a ticket for anything...and she was close to 50
> years old.  She was a safe, alert driver EXCEPT ONE PARTICULAR TIME WHEN SHE
> HAD LOW BLOOD SUGAR.  She never drove over the speed limit EXCEPT ONE
> PARTICULAR TIME WHEN SHE HAD LOW BLOOD SUGAR.  The guys in the car she hit
> (going 70 mph) where probably very safe, alert drivers.  They were hit by her
> speeding through the red light, cuz they were probably driving SLOW; cuz
> doesn't EVERY safe driver believe in entering an intersection with
> caution??!!!!


It seem to me that emotions and judgements are being confused with facts.....

Sara you know more specifics to the accident that your friend was in than any of
us can even guess at.   How low was she?

I can only assume that you KNOW that:
    She didn't test before she started driving.
    She didn't have a stroke or heart attack.
    Because of witnesses "they" know who ran the red light.

I'm going to make (unfounded) a hypothesis that she did all the things Sara
suggested and possibly some additional of her own and the accident still

So much for the orderly world we all live in that always gives us everything the
way it "should be" because we did "everything right".........   How much control
do we really have over anything? (especially when other people are involved).....

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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